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h i s t o r y

“you should name it Royco.”


I started Royco Creative more or less on a bet from my dad. 

I’ve been drawing and creating for most of my life. I’ve always loved it, never hated it, started poorly and am hopefully somewhere on the path to being good right now and maybe even great some day.

I created my first logo for my parents farm. My parents loved it of course, or at least didn’t tell me otherwise, and my dad told me I should start a business. 

We started throwing ideas and names around and seemingly at random the word Royco was pulled out of the mess of monikers, aliases and concepts on the paper in front of us. 

My dad’s words weren’t exactly “I bet you won’t start a business and call it Royco,” but whatever he did say I heard it as a challenge and Royco stuck for me. Roy was a childhood nickname and “co” played off the first two letters of my actual name Cody, and of course could represent “company” as well.  Just so you know, if we ever meet in person or chat on the phone, I still respond better to Roy than Cody if you want to earn some brownie points. 

Royco is still young but since that first logo we’ve had the privilege of designing and branding for businesses, churches, camps, shops, and ministries all over North America. Every project is an honour and a challenge that we see as an opportunity to learn, serve and collaborate with amazing people and brands.    

Our desire in everything we create, whether passion project or client work , is that it would stir up something deep, all the way to the bone.  

Me and wifey. <3 Photo by Geoff Coombs.

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